Our team

La France Vue Du Drone or LFVDD: that’s us!

A team of 5 people: Stéphane, Guillaume, Ewan, Benoit and Thierry, all from different backgrounds: Consultant, photographer, computer engineer…

A common desire: the one to share the most beautiful images of the places that have affected or impressed us through France.

A team with varied skills: in this collective adventure, we all have our individual skills at the service of the project: Web management, Telepilotage, photography, editing, Communication…

It is United as we go along!

Image Alignment 580 x 300

La France Vue Du Drone or LFVDD: it’s YOU!

Image Alignment 150 x 150

Openness to others to federate.

LFVDD offers a trip to each of you in the air and at the time.

For professionals, the site offers the visibility of a referenced web platform, for which a team works to the spread of the image. The most we are to feed it, the better will be its spread.

Your turn to talk about this project to others.

Droniste contributor

Become a contributor and drop your images on our site in order to publicize your work and diversify your sources of income.

Owner or person in charge of tourism site

Contact us, express your project and let us carry it out in accordance with the legislation. Online images will increase the visibility of your site, and can be mounted in a promotional film.

LFVDD offers free SEO and web marketing of your images.

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