The concept

La France Vue Du Drone: what?

Image Alignment 150 x 150

LA FRANCE VUE DU DRONE, is an original concept and a trademark: Group on a web site the most beautiful images by drone of the remarkable sites of our country.

Here you will see our heritage as you have never seen him before: A bird’s eye view, to graze the towers and roofs. The drone tells you the nooks and crannies once inaccessible and kept so secret a long time of the most beautiful tourist sites.

Our philosophy: height, color and value.

In this very high definition images Bank which is built day after day, you will discover documentary films that will make you travel in the air and at the time. Raw media from our filming plans are also available through our webshop (

Looking for a ready to watch movie or plans to assemble yourself, we surely have the images you are looking for.

Good trip!

La France Vue Du Drone team

Stéphane Guillaume, Ewan, Benoit et Thierry

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